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How to defuse workplace bullying through mediation

Mediation can play a key role in reducing fallout from workplace bullying. Source: Thinkstock

Workplace mediation has received increased attention recently as a successful method to resolve conflict in the workplace and as a preferred option to tribunals and litigation, writes Saranne Segal

Workplace bullying has recently been a hot topic due to the amendments to the Fair Work Act made in January 2014,which allows employees who believe they are being bullied to apply directly to the Fair Work Commission (FWC) and apply for an order to have the bullying cease.The FWC has 14 days after receiving an application to make an appropriate order. A breach of the order can lead to penalties of up to $51,000 for a company or $10,200 for an individual.

As a workplace mediator, it never fails to surprise me that many businesses are not prepared to deal with an outbreak of conflict between two or more employees.

This leads to the question: “When is someone being bullied at work?